Annual Report 2010

Bayimba Annual Report 2010

We have released our Annual Report 2010; the full report can be downloaded in PDF format here:

Bayimba Annual Report 2010

Message from the Director

Dear Friends and Fans of Bayimba,

It is with great pleasure and pride that I present this Annual Report which provides an extensive account of the activities that Bayimba Cultural Foundation implemented throughout the year 2010. It was a very busy, exciting and successful year in which we – again – made tremendous leaps forward.

We first of all took significant steps towards the development of a year-round artistic and educational program that is not only centred on the annual Bayimba International Festival but also includes a range of activities, from workshops and discussions to exchange programmes and other events, throughout the year. It was also the year in which we successfully introduced and launched the concept of the Bayimba Regional Festivals, to embrace other cultures, reach out to new audiences and to create a countrywide impact for the arts sector. And it was also the year in which we championed important initiatives that are aimed at drawing attention to the role and potential of the arts and cultural sector in Uganda. Together with our partners in arts and culture, we premiered the Uganda Annual Conference on Arts and Culture, one of the greatest initiatives in the sector today that seeks to provide a platform for joint discussion and action in the cultural sector.

Faisal Kiwewa - Director Bayimba Cultural Foundation

Faisal Kiwewa – Director Bayimba Cultural Foundation

The gradual but steady growth of Bayimba and the annual Bayimba International Festival clearly demonstrate a demand for creative products, the need for lasting arts structures and the necessity to focus on the sustainability of creative initiatives. We therefore find ourselves at Bayimba in the process of developing concrete plans to provide a structured financial support scheme for arts initiatives and individual artists as a way to enhance, inspire and motivate creative minds while we are also tickling our own creative minds to set up lasting arts structures.

It does not need much thinking to understand that a successful implementation of all – old and new – Bayimba activities could not have been achieved neither without the support and participation of Bayimba’s partners, supporters, funders and friends – with whom we define our success – nor with the endless efforts and capabilities of the Bayimba team that created and adapted new models of survey and communication and executed their tasks roles with a high level of commitment and flexibility. I am pleased that this report will introduce you to the Bayimba team members and our partners and supporters.

The growing strength of Bayimba has demonstrated that it is possible and feasible – with all energy and enthusiasm available – to add value and be relevant to the development of the arts and cultural sector as a whole. Looking back at Bayimba’s road to achieve its mission, I dare to say now with a good level of certainty that the state of arts and culture in Uganda has changed and that the sector is ready for the next phase of development.

During the next five years, Bayimba and its team will therefore continue to commit itself and work tirelessly to increase awareness about the importance of arts and culture in societal development, increase access to artistic and cultural expressions, promote creativity, artistic skills and cultural entrepreneurship while strengthening Bayimba’s operations and the Bayimba brand. To achieve this, we will revise our organizational structure, nurture and develop our relations with existing partners and supporters, forge new partnership and synergies, introduce a “Friends of Bayimba” membership programme, and create and develop more programmes and initiatives that will assist the arts and cultural sector to claim its well-deserved role in developing Uganda socially, culturally and economically.

I wish you a pleasant reading and welcome you to join us in our venture!

Sincerely yours,
Faisal Kiwewa

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Joe tabula August 21, 2011, 6:53 pm

Sky is the limit for Bayimba cultural Foundation..!!! thank you for the tremendous job of uplifting our culture. looking forward for a successful festival 2011