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Annual Report 2014

Annual Report 2014

We have released our Annual Report 2014, basic text version only; the full report can be downloaded in PDF format here:

Bayimba Annual Report 2014 – text version

or read it here


[Message from the Director]


I – Increased awareness about the role and value of arts and culture

  1. Debates and discussions
  2. Local network building
  3. Training sector stakeholders
    • Arts Journalism
    • Event Photography
    • Creative Entrepreneurship

II – Increased access to artistic and cultural activities

  1. Bayimba Regional Festivals
    • Gulu
    • Jinja
    • Fort Portal
    • Mbale
  2. Bayimba International Festival
  3. Kampala International Theatre Festival

III – Artistic and creative development supported

  1. Trainings for artists
    • Music training programme
    • Hip Hop training programme
    • Creative Writers workshop
    • Santuri Safari workshops
    • Sound Art workshop
    • Animation workshop
  2. Networking and learning platforms
    • DOADOA | East African Performing Arts Market
  3. Artist support, exchanges and collaborations
  4. Permanent and sustainable art structures

IV – Strengthened structures, systems and processes of Bayimba for accountable, effective and dynamic operations

  1. Organisational development
  2. Capacity building
  3. Network building

V – Programme Management

  1. Staffing
  2. Capital investment
  3. Running costs

VI – Conclusion and Way Forward

ANNEX – Income Statement 2014


This Annual Report provides an overview of the varied programmes and activities that were implemented and organised in the course of 2014. Bayimba continues to create impact as a result of its continued successful mix of organizing signature events, an extensive education programme and awareness raising activities. In terms of visibility the highlights of the year were: four Bayimba Regional Festivals that culminated in the 7th edition of the Bayimba International Festival, the 3rd edition of DOADOA | East African Performing Arts Market, the 1st edition of the Kampala International Theatre Festival, the 4th edition of the Practical Musician and the 2nd edition of the Hip Hop Boot Camp.

Download the Bayimba Annual Report 2014 – text version