Hip Hop Boot Camp | 2020 – Course Outline

1. Song WritingContent Development.
Factors that influence our creative process.
Stages of the song writing process.
Key factors to consider in song composition.
Collaborative writing
Rap Ciphers
2. Studio & Live Performance PrepProcess
The Song
3. Body PercussionInternalizing the fundamentals of rhythm
Understanding and explain rhythm both as an individual and also in a group setting
Improvement of body coordination and multi-tasking skills
Use the body as an instrument
4. Financial LiteracyWhat is a business
Sources of business
Making a budget
How to make a saving plan
Loan Management
Investment considerations
5. Music ManagementThe structure of the music industry
The value change
CMOs and their roles
Payment flow
Digital music structure
6. Hip Hop Elements LectureRap
7. UG Hip Hop Awards LectureWhat/Who is The Tribe UG?
How the UG Hip-Hop Awards came about?
Why the Awards were created?
When the Awards happen?
The future of the UG Hip-Hop Awards
8. Personal DevelopmentPersonal Development Planning (PDP)
Process of personal development
Benefits of PDP for personal life
Basic personal development truths
Organising your time
Tools/resources for personal development
9. Profile WritingHow to write a compelling profile/subject matter
The importance of good research
How to best pace a story (internal rhythm)
Proof reading
10. Album Recording SessionsBreakup into groups
Team work
11. Impact of Internet and Social MediaWhy social?
I am the captain of my ship; platforms & their uses
Social media and the internet of things: using social media as a tool
Guiding Principles + Best Practices
Campaigning + Strategy
Hands On (practical session)

Download the course outline as PDF.