2017 Professional Female Instrumentalist Summit (CLOSED)!


Bayimba Foundation and International Network for Female Instrumentalists invite professional female instrumentalists to join us for a Summit. Through the course of one week, the selected participants will form a band and work towards a concert performance. We hope to create an inspiring and motivating week for the musicians where we can learn from each other, be inspired and motivated to continue pursuing a career in music, and to inspire other women to do the same.


Each musician will prepare a presentation of themselves, around 50 minutes of their career, musical influences and projects/aspirations for the future. They will also share and instruct the band a piece of their own music. There will be roundtable discussions, everyday a new topic such as: developing unique artistic identity, mastering musicianship/music as career path, artistic responsibility and being a role model. Creating and composing together in a jam-situation. Preparing repertoire for concert


The training is targeting female musicians who play an instrument at a high level, who are seeking a professional career in music.


The training will take place from 16th -21st January 2017 with a concert performance on the 21st January 2017.


Kampala Music School


The workshop will be facilitated by Maren Selvaag (keyboard) and Oddrun Lilja (guitar)


Photo Credit: Photographer Andre Loyning

Maren M. Selvaag is a musician and artistic director based in Oslo, Norway. She has a Masters degree in performing jazz piano from the Norwegian Academy of Music and a Bachlor degree from the acknowledged jazz department at the University of Trondheim, NTNU, Norway. She has extensive experience as a band leader and collaborator, and has played concerts all over the world.

While living in New York City 2012/2013 she recorded her first CD with all original compositions in Avatar studio in Manhattan with bass player Eivind Opsvik and drummer Eric McPherson. In 2011 she released her debut album “Raise the Curtain” with the international composers collective Sound Circus. The album is available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Maren is the co-leader of the International Network of Female Instrumentalists (INFI), an organization that strives to inspire, recruit and support more women becoming professional instrumentalists. INFI has started a school in Mamelodi, South-Africa, organized summer camps in Norway and Sweden, and been on tour promoting women’s freedom in north east India. In december 2014 INFI are going to Rio De Janeiro for musical collaborations, and in 2015 INFI will collaborate with schools in Cuba for the same cause. The INFI Ensemble released the CD “Celebrating Kolkata” recorded in Kolkata, India, in 2011


Oddrun Lilja is a guitar player and composer from Norway. She has played many concerts around the world, and she has brought the various styles of music she has encountered on her travels back with her. She has studied jazz, indian classical music and african music, and through improvisation and original composition she is able to unite the different styles in her virtuose and passionate way of playing.

How to apply?

You are required to apply for participation by completing and submitting the application form by 30th December 2016 or Request for application form from rosette@bayimba.org