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NA!RA (US/Nigeria) at Bayimba International Festival 2013

Simona Abdallah

(DK/Palestina) at Bayimba International Festival 2012

Navio (UG) and Benon (UG) performing alongside Kampala Symphony Orchestra at Bayimba International Festival 2011

Bila Wa Movement, at the Bayimba regional Festival in Gulu 2013

Bayimba takes credit for having established the Bayimba Festivals as important benchmarks for the consumption of Uganda’s finest arts. Every season, we travel along a number of towns in Uganda that host the one-day Bayimba Regional Festivals and climax the season with the internationally acclaimed Bayimba International Festival of the Arts.

The enormous success of the Bayimba Festivals during the past years would not have been possible without the persistent support from a wide range of organisations and individuals that have sustained and lead to the growth of the Bayimba Festivals. Bayimba is looking out for new artistic involvements, new ideas, new engagements and new partnerships, and continues to look out to widen and diversify its financial and in kind support base. Please contact us if you want to get involved and partner with us.