Bayimba (Cultural) Foundation was founded on 6 June 2006 and legally incorporated on 27 November 2007 as a (not-for-profit) company with limited guarantee. The Foundation is the genesis of the Bayimba venture. It is the machine room of Bayimba where all programmes, activities, initiatives and entities originate and sprout from. Within the evolving Bayimba set-up, the Foundation will continue to play this role of initiator and pioneer and kick-start programmes and initiatives that are deemed necessary to develop the arts and culture in Uganda and East Africa.


To contribute to achieving the Bayimba vision, the Foundation specifically aims to uplift arts and culture (specifically visual and performing arts) in Uganda and East Africa by stimulating original intra- and interdisciplinary cultural exchange and creativity. Its mid-term objectives are:

  1. To increase awareness about the important role that arts and culture play in societal development;
  2. To increase access to artistic and cultural activities in Uganda;
  3. To provide platforms and develop sustainable structures for artistic and creative development and exposure of Ugandan artistes; and
  4. To strengthen the Bayimba brand and ensure that Bayimba is a sustainable and well-respected organisation with solid governance, management and implementation structures.


The Foundation has an established Board that provides strategic guidance to the organisation. The Bayimba management and the rest of the team members are responsible for the day-to-day execution of the various programmes of the Foundation. The Foundation has furthermore established a number of liaisons in the regions in which it is active.

Bayimba Board:

Thomas Tayebwa (Chair), Musarait KashmiriFrank OthembiJonathan MugenyiSumine Nabagareeka.

Bayimba Team:

Faisal Kiwewa (Director), Brenda Asio (Finance and Administration), Irene Kusiima (Director Admin and Research), Rosette Nteyafas (Director Arts Education), Esther Loeffen (Head of Development), Kaz Kasozi (Music Director), Herman Kabubi (Director Programmes), Philip Masembe (Director Media and Marketing), Knaack Kyeyune (Director Public Relations and Logistics).

Regional Liaisons:

In Jinja , Gulu, Fortportal, Mbale.