Call for an Operations Manager

Responsiblities and duties

  1. Act as a liaison between the board of directors and the rest of the organization he will meet with the board regularly to keep them informed on operational issues and work with them to come up with strategic solutions to complex challenges.
  2. Direct and manage, as an Operations Manager you will oversee the heads of each department in the Organisation, including marketing, fundraising, program development, Administration and accounting this is because Department leaders look to the Operations Manager for strategic guidance in their areas.
  3. Identifying Resources, he or she will lead the fundraising department in setting annual income goals and making sure that he/she fundraises the expected income to run the Organisational activities of the year, he or she will approach different Donors, partners, private companies for sponsorships and help the Finance department by Guiding them in there duties. (Budgeting, Management of resources, reporting etc)
  4. Public Relations and Fundraising, as an Operations Manager you are supposed to fulfill vital roles outside the office and after normal business hours, you are expected to attend Fundraising Events, New program Inaugurations and Public Relations events, you will be expected to speak directly with reporters, Donors, Government Representatives and members of the community at these events, spending a good deal of time acting as the public face of the orgainsation.
  5. Maintain a spotless personal reputation, because a personal scandal can easily tarnish the reputation of the Organization for a long time, in a way the Manager has to consider himself on duty at all times as a representative of the organization.
  6. Liaison Between Organisation and stakeholders, Develop and maintain relations with other non profit leaders, looking for opportunities to partner with other organizations to serve good causes, you will also work personally with Leaders in Business and Government world cultivating long term strategic partnerships or donor relationships to increase the Organization’s effectiveness serving unmet needs.
  7. Performance Appraisal, the operations manager will help in developing policies, objectives and measures of performance for volunteers as well as for paid employees.
  8. Effective Reporting, as an Operations Manager you are expected to write reports to the different Donors and sponsors, this you will work together with the heads of Departments.
  9. Consult with and report to CEO and executives about company operations.


  • Bachelors in Business Administration, Management
  • Experience of at 3 years in a busy Donor funded organisation
  • Experience in Reporting to Donors
  • Good Proposal writing skills
  • Excellent Public speaking Skills
  • Good command in Excel, word, and Power point
  • Internet Knowledge is highly recommended
  • Creative problem solver extraordinaire
  • Confident and effective decision making skills
  • Highly skilled in the art of negotiation.
  • Excellent time-management
  • Ability to delegate tasks and implement changes appropriately and effectively and Can manage stress with ease

Other Requirements

  • Flexibility is a big Plus
  • A people Person
  • Ability to travel once in a while
  • Late nights during EVENTS

Deadline 30th May 2019

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