Annual Reports

The Bayimba Foundation produces reports on an annual basis, providing insight into what has been implemented in the course of its season.

Bayimba 2018 Annual Report

Annual Report 2018

We have released our Annual Report 2018, the full report can be downloaded in PDF format here:

Bayimba Annual Report 2018 – PDF

The Bayimba 2017 – 2021 Strategic plan brought new thematic Strategic Directions (SDs) to add value to Bayimba’s over decade work and impact. To help the organisation think ahead of its
time by investing in its future sustainability as well as focusing on the growth and development of the creative culture of Uganda as a whole and give room for its peers to operate in diversity,
effective collaboration and shared financial opportunities.

Four annual Bayimba signatures festivals where achieved:

Amakula International Film Festival – March
DOADOA l East African Perfoming Arts Market – May
Bayimba International of the Arts Festival – August
Kampala Theatre International Festival – November

A kick off of a series of trainings in music, graphic design, sound engineering, etc under the Bayimba Academy brand that is gradually getting its foot on the ground. The implementation
of the local partners initiatives and fulfilment of Bayimba’s financial commitments to its partners through the Africalia grant programme and the development of Lunkulu Island.

The outcomes of each and every activity and engagement meets the targets of the organisations 2018 work plan which we are proud to present to you in this report.

Youth & Hip Hop Project – 2016 Report Thumbnail

Youth & Hip Hop Project – 2016 Report


Following the announcement of the dissolution of CKU and closure of its programmes, the third and last year of the programme was substantially changed. In close consultation, various planned activities were cancelled and only two major activities, the most visible ones, remained (Hip Hop Boot Camp and performances at the Bayimba International Festival) while emphasis was put on leaving a lasting mark in terms of arts infrastructures, esp. in relation to education (set up of a self-sustaining Arts Academy) that accommodates (parts of) the Hip Hop curriculum developed over the past years. CKU agreed with the proposed adjustments of the final year of the programme, which was followed by implementation.

Annual Report 2015

This annual report marks the end of our current Strategic Plan. While we look back at the achievements during the past five years we also look forward with excitement to the next 10 years.

Youth & Hip Hop Project – 2015 Report Thumbnail

Youth & Hip Hop Project – 2015 Report

In July 2014 the second phase of the Youth & Hip Hop programme kicked off with the special goal to contribute to enhancing youth inclusion by specifically empowering youth in Northern Uganda (covering West-Nile, Acholi, Lango, Teso and Karamoja), using Hip Hop culture, thereby aiming, on the one hand, to contribute to positive social change and bridge the differences and unify youth and, on the other hand, to generate employment and career opportunities for youth.

Youth & Hip Hop Project – 2014 Report Thumbnail

Youth & Hip Hop Project – 2014 Report

Between 2011 and 2013 Bayimba implemented the Youth & Hip Hop programme with support from the Royal Danish Embassy and CKU. The project was successfully implemented and had a great impact on the youth that participated. In 2014, a second phase of the Youth & Hip Hop programme was approved by CKU to run for an additional 3 years.

Annual Report 2014

This Annual Report provides an overview of the varied programmes and activities that were implemented and organised in the course of 2014. Bayimba continues to create impact as a result of its continued successful mix of organizing signature events, an extensive education programme and awareness raising activities.

Bayimba Annual Report 2013

Annual Report 2013

We have released our Annual Report 2013; the full report can be downloaded in PDF format here: Bayimba Annual Report 2013 Message from the Director Dear Bayimba friends and fans, Another Bayimba season – we are counting six now – has come to a successful end. Also this sixth season was fully packed with action [...]

Youth & Hip Hop Project – 2013 Report Thumbnail

Youth & Hip Hop Project – 2013 Report

This being the final year of the project, we were very selective of the participants to perform at the Bayimba International Festival and Regional Festivals. The artists had reached a level where they can go through standard criteria of artists’ selection at the International and all our Regional festivals.

Youth & Hip Hop Project – 2012 Report Thumbnail

Youth & Hip Hop Project – 2012 Report

The Youth & Hip Hop project was drawn up by the Danish Centre for Culture and Development (DCCD) and supported by the Danish Embassy in Kampala with the overall aim to improve and bridge the socio-cultural and economic gap between youths in Uganda. It does so by supporting youths in acquiring artistic (hip hop) as well as leadership and entrepreneurial skills that can enhance socio-cultural and economic transformation across diversities.

Annual Report 2011 Thumbnail

Annual Report 2011

We have released our Annual Report 2011

With every season passing, our multi-arts programming has become more engaging and exciting, full of experimental activity and surprising new cutting edge productions and performances. This represents the uniqueness of the Bayimba brand.