Bayimba Co-Op

The Bayimba Co-Op is an artist-led initiative that works to build a vibrant and sustainable independent local arts scene in Uganda. The Co-Op commits to pursuing creativity and collaboration across the arts; prioritizing the development of performance, exhibiting touring, recording and training opportunities for artists. The Co-Op welcomes new members who share its values and are looking to take a proactive role in building the local arts scene.  Bayimba Co-Op members enjoy a range of benefits, such as:

  • Part of the growing Bayimba brand
  • Collective voice and influence on Bayimba planning and programming
  • Voting rights in the General Assembly
  • Opportunity to stand for election
  • Participation in working groups
  • Collective profiling and promotion of work, activities and events
  • Leverage through collective bargaining for preferred rates/discounts
  • Access to time banking scheme as alternative to monetary payments
  • Use of spaces and venues
  • Use of equipment and production facilities
  • Access to  education opportunities
  • Access to events
  • Access to knowledge and information
  • Access to technical advice and career assistance
  • Access to audiences and promotion tools
  • Access to artist/tour management
  • Access to distribution channels/record label
  • Access to networks/network events

Artists are invited to join the Bayimba Co-Op to enjoy these benefits and contribute to developing Bayimba to the next level.