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I am Called Lekku David aka Lekku Red Top ….
Born in Odrochaku, Arua district in 1974, Lekku started his music career in 1993, when he was schooling at Ndesse Seventh Day Adventist primary school.
His Father Valentino Erondu loved Congolese music so much and he wanted to pass on the talent to his son Lekku. At the age of 18, Lekku’s Father introduced him to Tickling star, a local band that played kadongokamu, reggae and other genres of music.
I specialized in playing base guitar … says Lekku, which won me favors in all the bands that I joined.
With his experience from the first band, Lekku managed to join several other prominent bands like Talanta African Singers for over four years, Kulabako Guitar singers managed by the Late Prince Job Paul Kafero and then Eagles production from 2000 and 2002. He is been currently working with Firebase crew.
I started my own band called “Hot Five” in 2004 … Lekku. With fifteen members and as a lead singer, sometimes I play either base or solo guitar.
Lekku has accomplished two albums, the first one called – “Angaika” which is his wife’s name. The album featured songs like Lugwala muodipi Lugwala My People, Kadriidei- among others. His second album called Enzitakoni – “People with bad habits” featured Lugwala Dance and Zua – among others.
I am looking forward to the Bayimba Regional Festival of the Arts in Arua and have everything ready for my fans and other cultural lovers to enjoy to the Lugwala music … says Lekku.

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BILL JIMMY B July 21, 2011, 3:14 pm

Surely Lekku is a good bass guitarist. I recall those times when ever you played the bass while we were in Afrilena jazz band.
Keep up the good work man