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“I write and perform my music in Alur-jonam, my Luo mother tongue together with other languages like English and Kiswahili” said Suzan Kerunen. “Kampala’s new voice“ by the East African Newspaper.
As a Ugandan singer, Suzan Kerunen started her career as a young girl with her two sisters in an all girl group “Soul of Africa”. She later launched her solo career with her debut Album NIMEFIKA a Kiswahili term meaning “I have arrived”. With a mix of Njige, Agwara and Ndara drums from West Nile, the Nimefika album… truly made up of rich African sounds fused to describe an African Soul earned Kerunen a double nomination with the KORA ALL AFRICAN MUSIC AWARDS in BEST EAST, together with NGOM, a song that was nominated for Africa and African Artist 2008/09 respectively. “The stories I tell are those shared with me by the children I met at the World Vision [returned child soldiers] camp in Gulu. Touched by the way the children laughed and played in the camp, the songs they sang despite the sad stories that tore their lives apart. This led me to co-write “Amani” a simple and uncomplicated African opera in order to tell the stories of these children through their own eyes… Suzan Kerunen.
Kerunen’s second album “LEK” meaning “Dream” celebrates African diversity and freedom of expression. The album explores sounds of the talking drum (Tamur) from West Africa, African Marimbas (Akogo), Tube fiddle (Ndingidi), Wind instruments and Guitar played by great artists like Kinobe Herbert, Michael Ouma, Hakim and Jude Mugerwa of the internationally acclaimed Ugandan band Soul Beat Africa.
“Suzan Kerunen is a musically great and arguably one of themost respected world music artists in Uganda” The Daily Monitor

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Estevao April 30, 2011, 3:45 pm

Congratulations from Mozambique, even if actually i am in Cape Verde for training. Regards. Estevao

JUSTICE March 24, 2012, 2:17 pm

happy and keep going,

ojebi charity ayiorwoth May 19, 2012, 9:16 pm

hi sis we a rily proud of u n wel done, we kindly request u to direct us wea can get ur audios n vidios