We have released our Annual Report 2009; the full report can be downloaded in PDF format here:

Bayimba Annual Report 2009

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Message from the Director

Dear friends,

Faisal Kiwewa, Director Bayimba (photo by Allie Mutaka)

Faisal Kiwewa, Director Bayimba (photo by Allie Mutaka)

With the moral and financial support received this year, coupled with a strengthened strategic focus, there is no doubt that Bayimba Cultural Foundation managed to make some giant leaps forward. Under the theme “Our Contribution to Society”, Bayimba Cultural Foundation not only emerged as a relevant cultural enterprise but also as an important force in the development of a vibrant creative arts industry in Uganda and East Africa which is embraced by artists and the general public.

Between January 2008 and December 2009, roughly UGX 394 millions were spent by Bayimba Cultural Foundation on emphasizing the value of arts and culture in transforming and shaping society; stimulating music and arts in Uganda and East Africa; identifying and showcasing original creativity, skills and talent; and building the organisation’s relevance.

I am proud to say that our belief and dedication have allowed us to overcome the numerous hurdles we were faced with – and we have not been left unrewarded. There are a couple of things worth mentioning here. First, a tremendous support from artists and the cultural sector could be registered in 2009. Second, we noted an increased interest amongst the public – whereas only a handful of people came to attend the 2008 Festival, the second edition of 2009 was graced with an attendance of 9,000 people. Finally, we were blessed with increased external financial contributions and, as a result, 90% of our planned activities for 2009 could be implemented.

It is with the support from all who believed in us that we managed to organise our activities and build the Bayimba brand. I thank all artists that have contributed passionately to the development of the concept of our activities. We are looking forward to your continued involvement and we invite other artists to join us with their ideas. Bayimba Cultural Foundation is there for you, to support your creativity.

I also thank our funders for believing in us. We are grateful for the financial support you provided towards the implementation of our activities. We are eager to forge solid and long-term partnerships that will serve our mutual interests. You will not be disappoint for having associated with the Bayimba brand.

Allow me also to thank our media supporters, for having understood what Bayimba Cultural Foundation is all about and, as a result, for having been there with us along the way. To jointly develop creativity in Uganda, both for the arts and the media, we are eager to build upon our recently established relationship.

Last but not least, it cannot be left unsaid that at the heart of all these achievements lie the endless efforts of a team: the Bayimba team. I have been privileged to work with a motivated and energetic team that put the achievements of Bayimba Cultural Foundation first. They are the volunteers that have flipped the arts sector in Uganda today. I can never thank you enough, for your belief, your patience and your selfless attitude.

This report is an account of what we achieved with the funds and moral sup port received so far. It is a testimony for how much can be achieved when creativity, enthusiasm and innovation meet flexibility, perseverance and belief. Despite all the tremendous progress achieved, we should also be reminded that we still stand at the very beginning – there is still much to do for the arts in Uganda! Bayimba Cultural Foundation is therefore developing its activity plan for the coming years and it is with no doubt that the creative arts industry in Uganda is bound to benefit from that.

I wish you good reading.

Faisal Kiwewa