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  • The Practical Musician
  • Kampala Atelier 2020 – Nov

Bayimba Festival of the Arts
13th Edition

Amakula International Film Festival
13th Edition


Bayimba Cultural Foundation was founded on 6 June 2006 and legally incorporated on 27 November 2007 as a (not-for-profit) company with limited guarantee. The Foundation is the genesis of the Bayimba venture. It is the machine room of Bayimba where all programmes, activities, initiatives and entities originate and sprout from. Within the evolving Bayimba set-up, the Foundation will continue to play this role of initiator and pioneer and kick-start programmes and initiatives that are deemed necessary to develop the arts and culture in Uganda and East Africa.


To achieve its long-term vision and to create a lasting impact on creative industry development, the overall goal (mission) of the Foundation is:

“to contribute to uplifting arts and culture in Uganda and East Africa by stimulating professionalism, creativity and innovation, promoting exchanges and collaborations, and establishing sustainable arts (infra)structures”

The following strategic directions and objectives are pursued to attain this overall goal:

  1. Develop the profile of arts and culture [ADVOCACY]
  2. Promote creativity, professionalism and entrepreneurism [ARTS EDUCATION]
  3. Organize quality arts events and develop market connections [FESTIVALS AND EVENTS]
  4. Develop the organisation and brand [ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT]
  5. Establish sustainable arts (infra)structures [LASTING STRUCTURES]


The Foundation has a three tier governance structure:

  1. General Meeting consisting of permanent members aimed to safeguard the strategic vision of Bayimba.
  2. Board Members elected by the General Meeting.
  3. Management Team, the implementation arm of Bayimba.

The Strategic Plan is implemented by the Management Team of Bayimba, with strategic direction and policy guidance from the Board.



  • Faisal Kiwewa / Artistic Director
  • Faith Nabakka / Finance and Administration Officer
  • Evelyne Ahisibwe / Research and Administration Coordinator
  • Herman Kabubi / Programmes Coordinator
  • Johnmary Mukisa / Arts Education Officer
  • Agatha Nakiganda / Logistics Coordinator


  • Esther Loeffen
  • Frank Othembi
  • Ssali Godfrey
  • Irene Kusiima

Bayimba would like to thank the following partners for their generous support

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