We Are Developing the Bayimba Centre for Visual and Performing Arts

as a new and unique cutting-edge ecologically sensitive creative space to accommodate Bayimba’s growing annual festivals and events, arts education for all and advocacy activities that will contribute to the long-term sustainability of Uganda’s creative sector. The Centre will serve both artists, peer organizations and local communities by combining all mediums of art for visitors to get a comprehensive artistic experience.

The Bayimba Centre

The Bayimba Centre is bound to turn into an important physical hub for the arts and for the local community, advancing creative development, catalysing further vibrancy and improving the cultural business environment in Uganda by facilitating cutting-edge arts practice, promoting cultural diversity, freedom of expression and decentralizing the arts.

Artist’s impression of The Bayimba Centre on Lunkulu Island – Lake Victoria, Buwuka Bay

The Concept

Bayimba aims to fulfill this need by developing Lunkulu – a leafy semi-attached island located at
0° 10′ 35.0364” N 32° 53′ 8.8584” E in the midst of a lush environment at the shores of Lake Victoria in Mukono and Buikwe districts, well away but easily reached from the capital and other urban centers. It is here ? within the exceptional setting that a new and unique ecologically sensitive cultural ecosystem will come to life, a home for inspiration and collaboration that is part and parcel of rural life.

The Vision

The development plan for the Bayimba Centre is in its early stages. So far we envision the Centre to provide artists with a professional and holistic space that will serve as an unprecedented hub of artistic collaboration, creative development and community engagement. By cultivating the vibrant arts, Bayimba will contribute to the social, economic and human capital development in Uganda.

main plaza user scenarios

The Funding Model

Financing the development and sustainability is key to the success of the Bayimba Centre. We propose a mixed funding model, with private and public funded capital, whilst operating costs will be designed from a mixed revenue income generated from exhibition events, hospitality, space rental, social enterprises, charities, corporate sponsorships and legacy giving.

Support Us

Help us to achieve our goals, become a BAYIMBA member or make a donation for the development of the Bayimba Centre.