Bayimba Productions is the business side of BAYIMBA that stimulates artistic creativity and professionalism through producing, commissioning, presenting productions and distribution of artistic content. The Company and Label offer a variety of services to upcoming and current artists, showcasing the finest arts and artists with an emphasis on collaboration, partnership and royalty collection.

Each year Bayimba Productions illustrates and produces a publication series of Tesa and Luuka travel journeys as young people around Uganda. The book series creates a collaborative environment between writers, illustrators and publishers which adds value to the work of Bayimba in general.

Bayimba Productions also partners with The Orchard/Sony Music to collect distribution and performing royalties for some artists in Uganda with a target to create a financially sustainable environment for the artists Bayimba Productions represents. The Orchard/Sony Music is a leading music dis�tri�b�u�tion company and top-ranked video network, with over 45 representations of the global markets. From digital retailers and physical stores to performance rights societies, our partnerships help amplify your reach and revenue across multiple business verticals.

In addition to that, Bayimba Productions is also responsible for creating and developing a series of exciting Bayimba gadgets and souvenirs as part of its professional creative services on offer for artists, venues and brands alike.