Ethno Uganda
21 – 28 August 2022

Ethno Uganda, scheduled for 21st � 28th August 2022, will take place during the week of Bayimba International Festival of the Arts that is held at Lunkulu Island the home of BAYIMBA � located off the shores of Lake Victoria in Mukono and Buikwe district.

With an ever-growing audience, Ethno participants will experience unforgettable offering in Music, Dance, Poetry, Comedy, Film, Fashion, Exhibitions, Games and Camping in Nature.

We look forward to an energetic learning, sharing and collaborating with music from around the continent.


  • EUR 100 for Ugandan participants
  • EUR 200 for International Participants

For more information contact us on [email protected] or [email protected]

At the core of the Ethno is its democratic, peer to peer learning approach whereby young people teach each other the music from their countries and cultures.


  • Workshops and rehearsals (standard Ethno music workshops, every day), all together rehearsals and concurrent sectional rehearsals;
  • One final concert with the whole group featured
  • Community outreach workshops (Kiguugo Landing site) for interested participants�

Sunday, August 21st

  • Airport arrivals and pick ups
  • Arrival to Lunkulu for Set up
  • Introductions and welcome Bonfire Session (instruments), meeting with facilitators and� Venue host

Monday, August 22nd

  • Breakfast
  • Warm Up to Workshop 1
  • Workshop 2
  • �Lunch
  • Workshop 3
  • Workshop 4
  • Dinner

Tuesday, August 23rd

  • Breakfast
  • Warm up
  • Rehearsal of Day 1 tunes
  • Workshop 5
  • Lunch
  • Workshop 6�
  • Workshop 7
  • All Together rehearsals
  • Dinner

Wednesday, August 24th 

  • Breakfast
  • Warm Up: all together
  • Morning Tune � Workshop 8�
  • Rehearsals � Songs not working
  • Lunch
  • Community Workshop Outreach (Kiguugo Landing Site) all together
  • Dinner
  • Bayimba Festival

Thursday, August 25th 

  • Breakfast
  • Warm Up: Take any note, add harmony notes (free) one-by-one, then start with the next person�
  • Run Through I: With Stops; Run Through II: Recording
  • Lunch
  • Photos (group) + Video interview (DOADOA recordings)
  • Rehearsal for concert all together
  • Dinner
  • Bayimba Festival

Friday, August 26th

  • Breakfast
  • Festival Audience Workshop
  • Video interviews (DOADOA recordings)
  • Soundcheck for Concert
  • Concert +
  • Bayimba Festival

Saturday, August 27th

  • Breakfast
  • Free Day

Sunday, August 28th

  • Breakfast
  • Departure day