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Newsletter November 2020


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Dear Bayimba Family,

Covid-19 has had a sudden and substantial impact on the arts and culture around the world. The global health crisis and the uncertainty resulting from it has profoundly affected organizations’ operations (including BAYIMBA) as well as individuals – both employed and independent – across the industry.

Amid this crisis, we’ve stood alongside our peers, attempting to uphold their hopes and offer relief to a few, maintained the safety in reaction to the unexpected change in the way we do business with an unknown end. We are very hopeful though that after all is done – we will resume more prepared to never be caught in this situation we have experienced.

A new member of the team

Aloysious Tulinabo

Mr. Aloysious TULINABO

We’re very excited to introduce Mr. Aloysious TULINABO, of whom the Board and the Team is pleased to announce as our General Manager (9th November). He brings us 18 years of increasingly responsible experience working with international and national development agencies in East Africa and around the continent. Following his onboarding, Mr. Aloysious will take the lead and manage the planning and delivery of the day-to-day operations, the related financial planning, fundraising, governance and HR activity. To further manage and develop the team of full and part time staff. To support the Artistic Director and deliver projects as part of the strategic development of the Bayimba Foundation.

Mr. Aloysious completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) Project Management option and Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting option) both at Makerere University Kampala, also completed Higher Diploma in Marketing at Makerere University Business School. He is experienced working with both Government, CSOs and Private Sector stakeholders, brokering relationships between different value chains, conducting training and leading teams in problem solving. He is fluent in written and spoken English.

Please join us in welcoming Mr. Aloysious Tulinabo to the BAYIMBA Team.

Going Online …

#KITF | 23rd – 24th NOVEMBER 2020

Les Larmes De Crocodile perfomance at KITF in 2019

The 7th edition for the Kampala International Theatre festival is back and this year’s edition will be a special online engagement due to the effects of Covid19. The festival will be a panel discussion and an event that throws us back to our previous editions. Here’s the programme, including dates and registration information:

Monday 23rd November, 2020

KITF is excited to be partnering with the and the Nairobi Musical Theatre Initiative (NBO MTI) and the Pan African Creative Exchange (PACE) to present an invite only conversation: Creative Platforms across the Continent. Join Erwin Maas (PACE), Nike Jonah (PACE), Eric Wainaina (NBO MTI) and Sheba Hirst (NBO MTI) in conversation on Monday 23rd November from 4pm – 6pm EAT, to talk about creative and disruptive platforms on the continent. Tune in on the Tebere Arts Facebook page to watch the live stream event!

Tuesday 24th November, 2020

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, our festival this year will be a celebration of our past works and artists. We will dig into our archives and share plays that have featured in previous years. Tune in on Tuesday 24th November at 2PM East Africa Time on our social media platforms to access a streamed video that reminisces our previous festivals and reminds us of the power of theatre in promoting freedom of expression, and bringing people from around the world in one space.

In place of our monthly conversations, we will be convening for a virtual question and answer session and meet and greet and celebration of KITF at 4:00pm East Africa Time on the same day. Please register for the free event here:

Video Launch & Cocktail > register here

The Kampala International Theatre Festival is a partnership platform between BAYIMBA Foundation and Tebere Arts Foundation.

Coming up … Exciting and New

UMVA Kreatives Platform


Over the period of this pandemic, the lockdowns and the remote-working, the sudden and substantial impact on the lives of creatives, BAYIMBA Foundation in partnership with AUXFIN International sought to develop a system for a collective creative community, a safe space to bring ideas to life and content and products sold.

The UMVA Kreatives platform is an online technology that will offer multiple chances for skills development, financial inclusion, market connections as well as intellectual property protection to enhance the chances for increased economic activity and regional market participation of creative practitioners within Uganda and Burundi. The technology is introduced to address the urgent need for systems and mechanisms that truly enhance capacities and opportunities for increased economic activity and regional market participation

Does your creativity pay your bills? Are you the next Picasso but the world hasn’t discovered you & your master pieces yet? Did your last sale feel unfair or you allowed yourself to be exploited. Perhaps you have an amazing idea to change the world? Leave Kampala cleaner or even greener? Are you an artist, an artisan, a sculptor, photographer, a writer or a painter looking to make your next big career move? Maybe you’re just an amazing upcoming content creator but your sales could use a boost. Maybe you’re already established and you are wondering how to execute your next exhibition. Maybe your next project needs some help raising funds or reaching out to likeminded people for collaboration. Are you looking to score some international exposure at next to no cost? Perhaps there is no way for you to showcase your new medium of expression or a new style of painting that you’ve been perfecting. The UMVA Kreatives Platform is the solution!

The first version 1.0 of the platform will be ready for the public in March 2021.


The Bayimba Academy is proud to announce its new initiative starting 2021. The Artist-in-Residencies programme will give creatives the opportunity to live and work outside their usual environment, providing them with time to reflect, research, or produce work. During each residency, creatives would explore their imagination, new locations, different cultures, and experiment with different materials. Because residencies often aim at creating a long term impact on the life and work of the creative – this programme will exist to invite artists, academicians, and curators to a safe space.

We are also proud to announce our first two residencies – The Photo-Journalism Residency (With Daniella ZALCMAN) and the Contemporay Dance Residency (with Valeria Green)



Thank you!

Bayimba Team

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