0° 10′ 35.0364” N
32° 53′ 8.8584” E


Visit us on Lunkulu Island

In 2017, BAYIMBA purchased Lunkulu – a leafy 92-acre semi-attached island located at 0° 10′ 35.0364” N 32° 53′ 8.8584” E (0.176399, 32.885794) in the midst of a lush environment at the shores of Lake Victoria in Mukono and Buikwe districts, well away but easily reached from the capital and other urban centres (50 km from Kampala and 60 km from Jinja by road, 40 mins from Entebbe by boat).


How to get to Lunkulu

Photo of footbridge connecting mainland with Lunkulu Island

By own car

If coming by own car you are requested to travel through Nkokonjeru to join for the official festival parking area at Namaziina landing site from where you can cross to Lunkulu Island by footbridge. For directions see the route map below or search for ‘Bayimba Festival Grounds’ on Google Maps.

Note that vehicles cannot access the island!

Boat to Lunkulu Island in sunset

By private transport

Various private transport options (from the airport as well as Kampala) are available. You can cross to Lunkulu Island by boat from Kibanga port and landing site (drop off / KissAndDrive only) or by foot bridge from Namaziina landing site. Note that all drop offs and pick ups at Kibanga Port and landing site will be allowed till 7 pm.

No boats will be allowed to land or take off to Lunkulu after 7pm!

Relaxing in hammock on Lunkulu Island beach

By public transport

Public transport from the Old Taxi park in Kampala using a matatu will cost 5,000/= UGX to Kisoga town on Katosi road.

From Mukono, you can take a matatu for 3,000/= UGX at the Mukono park located in Mukono town near Colline Hotel to get to Kisoga town on Katosi road.

From Kisoga one can use a boda boda ranging from between 3,000/= to 5,000/= UGX to Kibanga port from where you can cross with a boat to Lunkulu Island.


Route Map

Directions to Lunkulu Island from Mukono and Jinja

Visit to Lunkulu Island ? JustAHub

Lunkulu Island aerial ? MIS Productions

Lunkulu Island Impressions