Youth & Hip Hop Uganda

Youth & Hip Hop Uganda is a skills initiative to empower youths by acquiring artistic as well as development & leadership skills.

Between 2011 and 2016 BAYIMBA ran the “Youth & Hip Hop Uganda” programme with the support of the Danish Centre for Culture and Development with the overall aim of improving and bridging the socio-cultural and economic gap between youths in Uganda.

It does so by supporting youths in acquiring artistic (hip hop) as well as development and leadership skills that can enhance socio-cultural and economic transformation across diversities.

Because of the success and impact on a huge number of youths in Uganda, elements of the “Youth & Hip Hop Uganda” programme – such as the Hip Hop Boot Camp – are now included in a wider 5-year creative industry development programme of BAYIMBA that is investing in building capacities across the arts and cultural sector with the support of Belgian Africalia (

For more information, see the Bayimba Academy pages.