General News: NBL Injects Shs30m In Bayimba Festival News: NBL Injects Shs30m In Bayimba Festival NBL Injects Shs30m In Bayimba Festival ================================================================================ Anita Ashaba on 04/09/2013 09:15:00 Nile Breweries Ltd has offered Shs30 million sponsorship package for this year’s Bayimba International Festival of The Arts which is due to take place from September 20-22, at the National Theatre, in Kampala. Speaking [...]

Youth & Hip Hop Report 2011

Youth & Hip Hop Report 2011

Bayimba Cultural Foundation herewith proudly presents its report on the first year of implementation of the Youth & Hip Hop project. Download the full report here: Youth & Hip Hop Report 2011


Since 2008, Bayimba Cultural Foundation has organised a number of workshops and trainings to spur the development of the arts and cultural sector in Uganda. Whereas most workshops were organised for artists to enhance their creativity and artistic skills, Bayimba Cultural Foundation also recognises the need to contribute to a strong and professional body of [...]

Profile Lekku “Red Top”

I am Called Lekku David aka Lekku Red Top …. Born in Odrochaku, Arua district in 1974, Lekku started his music career in 1993, when he was schooling at Ndesse Seventh Day Adventist primary school. His Father Valentino Erondu loved Congolese music so much and he wanted to pass on the talent to his son [...]

Profile Suzan Kerunen

“I write and perform my music in Alur-jonam, my Luo mother tongue together with other languages like English and Kiswahili” said Suzan Kerunen. “Kampala’s new voice“ by the East African Newspaper. As a Ugandan singer, Suzan Kerunen started her career as a young girl with her two sisters in an all girl group “Soul of [...]

Is Uganda ready for Street Theater performances?

My mind spoke back calmly ”it is Uganda’s first time too” when their facilitator Warner Van Wely whispered to me “this is their first time” IPS building commonly known as Jubilee insurance building is a stress free place as people walk by freely. Clad in casual clothes, yellow stockings and gloves, the first team crawled [...]