Bayimba is a multiple-branched organization that focuses on uplifting arts and culture in Uganda through cultural exchange and creativity.

We host high-quality arts festivals, offer training and workshops for aspiring artists, and facilitate creative development.

We strive to reach as wide an audience as possible, reaching all age groups and income levels.

Bayimba is unique in its multidisciplinary approach combined with its engaging efforts to “explore and experience”.

Bayimba Activities 2021

Practical Musician 8 Feb-12 April
DOADOA East African Performing Arts Market May-July
Bayimba International Festival of the Arts 3 & 4 December
Youth and Hip Hop July-August

Bayimba Websites


The Practical Musician
8th Feb – 12th Apr

Professional Music Training

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2021 Limited Edition
4th – 6th December
Lunkulu Island | Mukono

Africa’s independent island festival

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13th edition

Uganda’s oldest independent Film festival

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DOADOA 2021 Series
May – July

DOADOA – East African Performing Arts Market

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Bayimba would like to thank the following partners for their generous support

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