The return of DOADOA

East Africa’s Performing Arts Market

Friday 24 – Saturday 25 May 2024

Doadoa Poster 2024

Bayimba is thrilled to announce the physical in-person return of DOADOA l East Africa Performing Arts Market, signalling a reinvigoration of the region’s vibrant creative arts scene. After the global pandemic that saw the market platform present artists and stakeholders online for the past two years. It is now back, poised to once again serve as the epicentre for artists, industry stakeholders, enthusiasts alike fostering collaboration, innovation and exchange within the region.

This 2024 edition of DOADOA will not only explore the impact of the pandemic on the performing arts, the lessons learn along the way and the role of festivals that bring about a celebration of different forms of artistic expressions and traditions – it will also reignite the passion and creativity that defines East Africa’s music festivals. With a renewed focus and energy, the market will invite and launch the East Africa Festival Network that aims to bring all regional festival directors to strengthen collaborations and exchanges among festivals in the region for a greater impact and relevance.

In the past, DOADOA established itself as a platform that provided a safe space for professional networking and joint learning, bringing together various stakeholders and link people, organizations, businesses, knowledge and technology with a view to create demand and develop a market for the performing arts and unlock the potential of the East African creative industry, making it an important platform that significantly empathised collaboration, showcasing, capacity development and market access for the performing arts

In promoting collaborations; DOADOA will continue to serve as a hub for artists, producers, promoters, and industry stakeholders’ safe space to facilitate partnerships that drive the growth of the performing arts. Showcasing Talent; by providing a stage for emerging and established artists to pitch their creative content, spotlighting the richness and diversity of East African performing arts. In Building capacities; Through workshops, panel discussions, and masterclasses, DOADOA equips participants with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to thrive in the ever-evolving arts landscape. In creating access to the wider market across the globe; by connecting artists with potential festivals programmers, buyers, agents and record companies thus opening doors to new opportunities and markets both regionally and internationally. For Cultural Exchange; DOADOA celebrates cultural diversity and fosters cross-cultural exchange, promoting understanding and appreciation of the rich artistic traditions across East Africa and beyond.


  • Dates: Fri. 24th – Sat. 25th May;
  • Venue: Sheraton Gardens – Kampala;
  • Programme: Panel Discussions, Showcases, Networking, Exhibitions;
  • Registration: fill out one of the forms below (Attendee, Exhibitor or Showcase Artist)

DOADOA’s return marks a significant milestone in the evolution of East Africa’s performing arts landscape. As we prepare to come together once again, let us embrace this opportunity to celebrate our shared creativity, resilience, and passion for the arts. Stay tuned for updates, and join us in shaping the future of performing arts in East Africa and beyond.

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